beautiful things

Today I am going to be completely frivolous and dream out loud. This entry brought to you by Tidying Up in all its incarnations. Marie Kondo does say to have a vision for your house, and I certainly do. Continue reading “beautiful things”


“i call you blessed”

Listening to a great lesson from RC Blakes Jr about what I can leave behind in 2019, and it’s really ringing true. I know everyone gets something different from everything, so I link because I want you to have the opportunity, not because I think you have to learn what I’m learning. But look what I’m learning! Continue reading ““i call you blessed””

there’s a penny in my hand

There really is nothing like bowling alone. I mean it in the Paul Lim sense; his experiences resonated such that I had to stop and write.

It’s not that my parents joined a church in order to assimilate. It’s more that I felt that peer pressure to conform in all ways, which in our town meant if you weren’t sufficiently “of the Book”, that you became so. At least you went through the motions. Continue reading “there’s a penny in my hand”

the gold in our souls

I Tweeted a thread today. Inspired by a discussion elsewhere, and a blurb for a Tagesschau article, I took an idea and I ran with it.

The world is less safe and more egotistical.

In that thread, I was speaking to a general audience, one comprised of people of all faiths and none. On this blog, I want to specifically address you who call yourselves Christian.

Christ himself called us to lay down everything we had to follow him. He told us that what we do unto the least of these, we do unto him. Have we lost sight of those messages in our efforts to stave off want? Have we forgotten that we are obliged to love others the way we love ourselves?

It is antithetical to our faith to turn away the needy at the border. Continue reading “the gold in our souls”

the gold medal

“It changed my life when I realized that I was God’s first choice to be Al Sharpton. You may not ever be anybody else’s 1st choice in life, but you were God’s 1st choice to be you.”


I am going to take a moment, at the end of this semester, and be grateful that I was God’s first choice to be Marina Margaretha — even if that isn’t what’s on my birth certificate. I consider that God would not have given me such a grandmother if I was not to remember her in my own name.

By God’s grace I came to him just when he intended I should, no earlier and no later.

By God’s love I was lifted to a place of confidence and even joy in the work I am learning how to do.

By God’s mercy something has shifted inside me that is making winter a season of glad tidings and good cheer.

Believe what you will for yourself; I believe God knew me from the moment my birth was no longer a question but an answer. God chose me to be me.

“Little Bird, in the world to come, you will not be asked ‘Why were you not George?’ or ‘Why were you not Perkin?’ but ‘Why were you not Catherine?'”


can you keep them in the dark for life

Originally posted May 2018, at my old blog.

I am looking at a picture of a woman comforting two teenish girls. She has brown hair, they are blonde. Their faces are close together in a triangle of what-did-we-all-eat-for-lunch and she has her arms up around them. They are sitting in some kind of auditorium, I am guessing; the red seat backs are a clue. According to the text with the image, these girls have just “giv[en] their lives to Jesus”.


But Jesus is… love. Jesus is the reason death is less terrifying, for some of us. Jesus said to bring ’em all in.

Why would a child, accepting Jesus into her heart, need to be consoled?

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